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You need not take the medical tests again if you have taken them within 6 months to 1 year* before applying for the term plan. However it entirely depends on your insurer and can vary from insurer to insurer.


You just need to submit the test reports to your insurer at the time of application. 


But having said this, your insurer may ask you repeat the tests if: 


  • There is some red flag i.e. reason(s) for concern in your test results  

  • You have not taken some tests they require

  • They are not satisfied with some results and want to reassess it

  • Your health status or lifestyle has changed over time 


If it is not much of a hassle for you, we recommend that you take the medical tests again. 


This will help you ensure a hassle-free claim process for your loved ones. Also, medical tests during term plan application are free of cost*, so you’ll also get a free health assessment out of it. 

It entirely depends on your insurer. If you have taken those tests within a 6 month - 1 year* time frame, then you may skip taking those tests again, you just need to submit your test results to your insurer, that’s it.


However, your insurer may still tell you to repeat those tests again if: 

  • There is some red flag (i.e. reason for concern) in your test results  

  • They are not satisfied with some results and want to reassess it

  • Your health status or lifestyle has changed over time 


*varies from insurer to insurer 

See, depending on certain factors, primarily your age and life cover, your insurer may ask you to take certain medical tests. It varies from insurer to insurer. Generally, term insurance plans that don’t require medical tests offer lower life covers that, in most cases, will be insufficient to meet your family’s needs in your absence. 


But understand this, the medical tests help your insurer assess your health profile and understand the risk they are undertaking by insuring you. It  helps your insurer to suggest the best term plan for your life insurance needs. Also, in case you pass away due to a preexisting medical condition that was not disclosed to your insurer, they may reject your death claim.


Our advice? Just take the medical tests at the time of term insurance application. You will most likely be doing it only once in your lifetime; you might as well do it right for the sake of your family’s future security. 


While most insurers accept the reports of your annual medical tests done recently, there are a few that may ask you to take the tests all over again. It is best to consult your insurer for this. 


Now, let’s look at the common medical tests you may have to take when applying for a term insurance plan: 


  • Urine test

  • Blood tests including CBC

  • Lipid profile

  • Blood pressure

  • Liver and kidney function

  • Fasting blood sugar

  • ECG/TMT/2D Echocardiography

  • Ultrasonography

  • Chest X-RAY

  • HIV

  • Treadmill test

  • Any other tests (if the insurer feels the need) 



The final list of medical tests will vary from insurer to insurer so be sure to check with them. 


Now, if you have not taken any of the tests mentioned in the insurer’s list of requirements during your annual medical check-up, then yes, you will have to take these additional tests (if not all the tests, all over again)

This is something you don’t need to worry about because you won’t be charged for taking medical tests for your term insurance application; usually, the insurance company bears the cost of these tests, however, this may vary from insurer to insurer


So if your insurer insists that you have to undergo medicals once again, you should go for it. Also, look at the bright side: you taking the tests again can give you a free and more updated assessment of your health. 


Find out in detail if you have to pay for your term insurance medical tests

See, your insurer will anyways require your medical test results if you are applying for a term plan that requires the applicant to take medical tests. The medical test results will allow them to understand what risk they are taking by insuring you. 


If you have taken the medical tests within 6 months - 1 year of the term plan application, you may not be required to take the medical tests again* and you just need to submit the test results provided that: 


  • Your insurer does not find any cause of concern in the results 

  • They are satisfied with all the test results 

  • You have taken all the tests that they require you to take 

  • Your health status or lifestyle has not changed over time


    *varies from insurer to insurer 


If you plan to withhold the information of your health condition from your insurer, don’t do so, because withholding information can result in claim denial for your nominees. 



If you are undertaking your medical tests while on your visit to India, you may get those tests done for free. But if you are undertaking medical tests in your current country of residence , you may have to pay for those tests. It is best that you check with your insurer once before taking the tests. 

No, you do not. You only have to take medical tests during your term plan application.