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Yes, of course. Even if you smoke only e-cigarettes, they contain nicotine and other addictive substances that can impact your health and in turn, your term insurance application.


So your insurer needs to know about your vaping habit. Do not hide this information at the time of applying for a term plan.

Yes, vaping contains nicotine and can affect your health and in turn, your term insurance application. 


When you are applying for a term plan, you have to inform your insurer about your vaping habits. You will also need to undergo some medical tests to assess your health condition. 


Depending on that information, your insurer will either


  • Accept your application

  • Reject or postpone your application

  • Approve your application with a higher premium


In the end, it is your choice, but if you want to do your best to get affordable premiums, then kick the butt, even if it is an e-cigarette. 

You have to reveal your smoking/vaping habits to your life insurance company when buying a term plan. If you lie or hide this information, then your insurer can deny the claim. Remember, honesty is always the best policy. 


Find out more about the reasons that can cause a term plan claim rejection. 

We assume that you plan on not smoking again or that you want to do so only occasionally. If that is the case, your insurer may assess your health profile and depending on the results (i.e are you healthy, has smoking impacted your long-term health in a negative way) and the risk involved (i.e. has regularly smoking made you riskier than an average non-smoker), may offer you a term insurance policy*. 


*It is best to check with your term insurer. 

They may, depending on your smoking habits. If you smoke occasionally and your insurer determines that you may be risky to insure, they may increase the premiums for your term insurance policy, this will again be dependent on your health assessment. 


Having said this, always ensure that you disclose your smoking habits to your insurer. Not disclosing your smoking habits (out of fear of increasing premiums or any other reason) can lead to claim rejection later on. 

You may get a term insurance policy if you vape occasionally and not regularly. You will have to just reveal your vaping habits to your insurer while buying a term plan. 

Depending on your level of dependence on smoking, your insurer may tell you to take additional medical tests

You should consider kicking the butt, literally. Your term plan may have gotten rejected because your insurer may have deemed your vaping habits to be quite harmful to your health and hence insuring you may have been a risk that they were not willing to take. 


Even if you apply for a term insurance policy with other insurers, chances are that you may face rejection again. So, what you can do is you can reduce your vaping habit to a healthy level (i.e. only vape occasionally or leave vaping and smoking altogether) and then try applying for a term plan again. 

Yes, your term insurance claim can be denied. 


See, if you don’t inform your insurer about your smoking habits at the time of buying the policy and then after getting the policy, you pass away due to a smoking related problem, your insurer can deny the claim, saying that you did not declare about your smoking habits at the time of the application. 


At the time of term application, you should inform your term insurer about your smoking habits, because hiding information can result in claim rejection later on.

No, you don’t need to. You only need to inform your insurer about your smoking habits at the time of buying the term policy. 


But, you may be required to reveal your smoking habits if you plan to buy riders after buying your term policy. For example, if you want to buy a critical illness rider, your insurer may want to ask you about your current lifestyle and habits before they decide to offer you the rider.  

You should connect with your insurer to check what you can do to get your term plan accepted. Based on that, you can take the necessary steps to do so,  such as: 


  • Getting rehab 

  • Undergoing de-addiction treatment 

  • Leaving smoking altogether 

You may be able to buy a critical illness rider even if you have a smoking habit, but this will depend on your insurer. Your insurer will assess the following and then decide if they can offer you a critical illness rider or not: 


  • Your lifestyle 

  • Current health condition

  • Your level of dependence on smoking

  • Harm caused by your smoking habit to your health

Yes, even consuming just tobacco products can impact your term insurance application. Your insurer will understand the risk in offering you a term plan by assessing your lifestyle and current health condition. Based on their assessment, they can: 


  • Offer you a term plan 

  • Reject your term plan application 

  • Put your term plan application on hold 

  • Offer you a term plan with a higher premium