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Yes you can. Medical tests are not mandatory when buying a term plan. 


Depending on your age and the life cover you require, many life insurance companies may offer you a term plan without taking any medical examination. 


But it is always better to go for medical tests when buying term insurance.


Buying a term insurance plan without medical tests is not recommended at all.

Here's why: 

  • Term plans without medical tests usually offer lower life covers which may be insufficient for your family

  • They may result in a term insurance claim rejection


See, medical tests help your insurer get a clear understanding of your health status and enable them to decide the best premium for your policy. 


But if you do not take these tests at the time of application and later, your insurer finds out a pre-existing health condition was the main reason for your death, your term insurance claim may get rejected. 


Buying term insurance with medical tests helps you ensure a strong, almost watertight, case for your nominee in case of a claim. 


Here's another reason to opt for a term plan with medicals - the insurer pays for it. Now tell us, why won't you want to get a free health assessment?


Taking medical tests when buying term insurance will help you provide the maximum financial security to your family even in your absence. 


Medical tests help the insurer understand your health conditions better and assess the potential risk associated with offering you a term plan. 


A term plan without medicals will always offer less life cover than normal term plans with medicals.

This is because in the absence of medical tests, the insurer is not aware of any underlying medical conditions that you may suffer from and hence does not know if you are the high-risk insurance customer or not.

Thus, to compensate for this unknown risk, the insurer offers you a low life cover, which may turn out to be inadequate for your family's financial needs. 


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