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You can buy term insurance online by visiting the company website or through online intermediaries.

You can buy term insurance offline through insurance agents, brokers, insurer branch offices, or through your bank relationship manager.

Good question. But there is no right or wrong answer to this. It all comes down to which option is most convenient for you. 

Both online and offline purchases have their own benefits. 


With online purchase, you get more control and flexibility over deciding the features of your term plan. You can do your own research, compare plans and prices and buy a term plan anytime and anywhere.


Whereas with offline purchase you get guidance from advisors at every step of the way that reduces the chances of errors. 


The benefits in the case of buying online are:


  • You tend to do more research and select the term plan that best suits your needs

  • Easy to compare term insurance policies among different insurance companies 

  • Easily buy a term plan with just the digital documents 

  • Seamless processes  

  • You can buy a term insurance plan anytime and from anywhere

The benefits in the case of buying offline are: 


  • You can get a guided purchase experience as your advisor will help you choose from the most popular option out there

  • Your advisor provides a helping hand with the application process, thereby reducing the chances of application errors

  • You can contact your insurance advisor for any queries

  • Beneficial if you are not tech-savvy 


Knowing the benefits of each mode will help you decide on whether to buy your term plan online or offline.


It depends. Some insurance companies may offer discounts when you opt to buy the term policy online.