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An Electronic Insurance or E-Insurance Account (eIA) is an electronic repository which is used for storing and managing all your insurance policies (life insurance, health, motor or any other insurance) from multiple insurers in one place. 


Do you want to access your insurance policies from anywhere and anytime you want, without the hassles of paperwork?


If yes, you need an E-Insurance account, because it is the simplest (and of course, the best!) solution for efficiently storing your policy documents digitally. 


Here are some benefits that an e-Insurance account offers you: 


  • Get a hassle-free, consolidated view to track, download and manage all your insurance policies and account statements in one place

  • Easily update your personal information, bank and KYC details across all policies in one place

  • Get reminders on policy renewals with online renewal payment facilities

  • Your nominee or nominees can easily access your policy documents upon your death (don’t forget to inform them about your eIA account and the login credentials)

Opening an E-Insurance account is really simple. 


Just download and fill out the eIA opening form of your preferred Insurance Repository (NSDL, CDSL, CAMS, Karvy) and submit it with self-attested KYC documents. 

Pro-tip: When buying a policy online, you can share your unique eIA number and receive the policy electronically.

Currently no, but you may prefer to open an E-Insurance Account as it can help you in reducing the hassle of managing your insurance documents.

Yes, opening an E-Insurance Account is absolutely free!

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