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Yes. Even if you are fit to get a plan, the insurer may reject your application because of the following factors: 


  • Specific health issues

  • Age

  • Hazardous occupation

  • Dangerous hobbies

  • Poor lifestyle choices 

  • Income limitations

  • Past criminal record 

  • Previous application declines

  • Falsifying information

  • History of declined applications

Depending on your health conditions and lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, etc, your insurer may take one of the following actions:


  • Approve your application (either at a regular or hiked premium) 

  • Decline your application

  • Postpone your application to a later date


Not necessarily. Your premium may increase if your immediate blood relations suffer from conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. But it may vary from case to case. But you must always disclose this information to your insurer. 

Find out if your family health history will have an impact on your term plan application.

Yes it can.

If you have dangerous hobbies (such as skydiving, motorcycle racing etc) or your occupation involves working in hazardous environments, it puts you at a greater risk of death.

It may lead to a rejection in your term plan application, but remember, it always varies from case to case.

Simple! If you delay buying term insurance, your premium will increase as you grow older. 


Depending on your health and financial conditions as you age, your term plan application may even get rejected. 


Buying term insurance early is always the best option.


Yes, it may. 

If your application has been rejected by one insurer, it may get rejected by another too.

But it always varies from insurer to insurer. It’s best to check with your current insurer to find out for sure.


Yes, it may get rejected.

If you have a past criminal record, you are at a higher risk of having your term plan application rejected.

But it depends entirely on your insurer and will vary from case to case. Speak to your insurer or an insurance advisor/agent today to know more. 


Yes it can.

See, to be eligible to get a term plan, you need to have an active source of income and be able to provide income proof.

If the insurer sees any income limitations or signs of financial struggles in your application, your application may be:

  • Declined

  • Postponed to a later date

  • Approved with a revised life cover amount