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Simple! You are eligible to buy term insurance if 

  • You are between 18-65* years of age

  • You earn an active income and you can submit the income proof

  • You are an Indian citizen - resident/PIO/NRI

*varies from insurer to insurer

Even if you are a homemaker with no active income, you are still eligible to get term insurance, provided you meet the other eligibility criteria. 

It is important to be aware of these eligibility criteria before you start the process of buying a term plan as your insurer will need this information to decide your life cover, premium and the other aspects of your term plan.


Yes, you can! You just need to be 18 years old and above to be eligible for term insurance.

P.S.: We’re so glad you’re asking all the right questions at such a young age!


We wish we could say ‘age no bar’ but sorry, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get term insurance. Generally, people above 65 cannot get a term plan.

Nope. You have to be an Indian citizen, an NRI or a PIO to be able to buy term insurance in India. 


Of course! Even if you’re not currently an Indian resident, you can still get term insurance in India if you’re an NRI or a PIO.

Ummm…yes you can. But mind you, you may have to pay higher premiums than a non-smoker because of your habit. (Hint: Maybe it’s time to ‘kick the butt’?)

Even if there is a chance of premium increase, remember to disclose your smoking habits in your term insurance application to avoid the risk of claim rejection later. 

The same holds true for vaping as well. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes and only vape, you need to disclose it to the insurer because it has nicotine and other addictive substances which impact your health. Find out more about how vaping is bad for your health and can affect not only your health but also your term insurance application.

No you can’t. You will need to submit an ID and address proof to buy term insurance. 

Unless you’re an alien like ET or PK, there’s no reason why you won’t have any identity proof.