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When you apply for term insurance, you will have to reveal: 

  • Your health status

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions

  • Lifestyle habits 

  • Family health history 

  • Mental health status


and so on. 


You also have to undergo certain medical tests to help your life insurance company get a clear picture of your health condition. 


After assessing this information your insurer can reject your term plan application on medical grounds if you prove to be a high-risk customer. 


Know more about medical underwriting to understand how life insurance companies assess your application. 


Your term plan application may get rejected due to the diagnosis of certain critical or terminal diseases. 


If that happens, then it is highly unlikely you will get a term plan. You should take care of yourself and focus on your treatment instead.


Remember, this decision will vary from insurer to insurer and will depend on what you have declared in your term plan application form and the results of your medical tests.

First things first, find out the reason behind the application being put on hold. 


Then as the next steps, this is what you should do:


  • Consult a doctor

  • Take steps to improve your health stats

  • Re-apply after the waiting period suggested by your insurer

If your term insurance application gets rejected by one insurer on medical grounds, chances are it will get rejected by others too. So it’s best to discuss the reasons for rejection with your insurer and plan your next steps accordingly.

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