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Nope, absolutely not. You can get term insurance even if you are single now or have no plans to get married ever.  

Single people have loved ones too. Even if you don’t have a spouse and/or kids, you may have elderly parents, young siblings and other blood relations in your family who are financially dependent on you.

You will obviously want to secure their financial future in your absence. 

And even if you are not married now, you may get married a few years down the line. Isn’t it best to get term insurance now and lock in cheap premiums so that your future family will also be financially protected when you are no more? 

So if you are single and have a family and loved ones, you should consider buying a term insurance.


You are eligible to buy a term plan in India if:

  • Your age is between 18-65 years*

  • You have an active income and you can provide income proof

  • You are an Indian citizen, resident, NRI or PIO 

*varies from insurer to insurer

You can also get a term plan if you do not have an active income. For example, say if you are a homemaker, although your life cover will be much less than that of a working spouse.  

Read more about the eligibility criteria for buying a term insurance plan.