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Yes, of course! You can add a new nominee to your term plan any time you want during your policy duration. You just have to define the percentage of payout that the new as well as the existing nominee will receive.

Yes, you can.

If you are unhappy with your current nominee or your nominee is no more, you can always change your term insurance nominee.

You can add or delete a nominee from your term plan. You can also have more than one nominee. But you can change it only during the policy duration.

Want to change your term insurance nominee? Find out who can be the nominee in term insurance.

Changing your term insurance nominee is a simple process.


Step 1: Fill a change of nomination form which you can get from the life insurance company, either online or offline. 

Step 2: Submit the form along with a copy of the policy document

Step 3: You may need to prove insurable interest aka your relationship with the new nominee with the necessary documents

Step 4: You must get the life insurance company’s acknowledgement to avoid any dispute during claim settlement 

Pro-tip: Always keep the nominee details of your term insurance plan updated to avoid any issues.

Remember, you can choose a nominee free of cost when buying a term insurance policy. 

But if you do it later, you may have to pay a nominal fee (depending upon your insurer)

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No, they cannot. It is entirely the right of the person who is insured to choose their nominee.

In case the recipient of the term insurance money mentioned in the Will is different from the nominee communicated to the insurer, the recipient mentioned in the Will will have an undisputed right over the life cover paid out by the insurer to the nominee.  Know more about insurance nominee vs will.

For example, if your Will states that your spouse should receive this money, but your nominee is your father, then it is the final right of your spouse to receive this money. The insurer may pay this money out to your father but your spouse can still claim this money.

But there is one exception! If you signed the MWPA addendum while purchasing term insurance, your spouse and children will have an undisputed right to receive the insurance payout, if they are the nominees on your term plan, irrespective of what the Will states. Know more about how you can ensure your spouse gets your life cover.