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Yes. You can still apply for term insurance if you smoke weed.

However, you do need to inform your life insurance company about it when applying for a term plan. 


It depends entirely on your life insurance company and the level of your addiction to marijuana.

Consult an insurance advisor to discuss this.

P.S.: Even if you smoke weed, don’t forget to mention that in your application. Hiding information when buying term insurance may result in a claim rejection.


Yes, your marijuana smoking habit will have a direct impact on your term insurance application. 

Depending on your smoking habit, your insurer may either

  1. Offer you the policy without any increase in premium if it has been a while since your last use (as defined by your insurer)

  2. Charge you a higher premium if you are a frequent user

While you will get a basic term plan, depending on your insurer, you may be denied certain riders. 


Yes, if you die from an illegal activity such as a drug overdose, your life insurance company may deny your term insurance claim. 

Want to know what factors can result in a term insurance claim rejection? Let’s find out.


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