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It entirely depends on your drinking habits. 


  • If you are a social drinker, your insurer may either accept your application or offer you a term policy with a higher premium 

  • Your application will be rejected if you’ve alcohol dependence currently or had it less than ~2 years ago (depending on your insurer)


Based on your dependence level, your insurer may also ask for a liver function test.


So, sober up for the sake of your health and your term insurance application!

If you drink alcohol, it will affect your health. This means it will also affect your term insurance. 


See, when you apply for a term plan, the insurer will ask you about your health conditions to understand how much risk is involved in accepting your application.  


If you drink occasionally and your health is not affected by that, the insurer may accept your plan. 


But if it has any impact on your health, you may get a term plan with a higher premium. (don’t give in to peer pressure. Being a teetotaller has its advantages too! ).


But if you have alcohol dependence aka you are addicted to alcohol now or had an alcohol dependence less than or ~2 years ago, you may be denied term insurance.


Pro-tip: Always disclose your drinking habits to your insurer.

It depends. Your claim may be denied if: 


  • You pass away from drunk driving or from being under the influence of alcohol

  • You lie on your term insurance application about anything, including your drinking habits or hide your habit, and your death is caused by alcohol-related complications

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