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Yes, you can!

Regardless of our gender identities, we all love our families and wish to provide them with financial security even in our absence. Term insurance can help you achieve that.

To buy a term insurance plan you have to meet a few necessary eligibility criteria such as -


  • Age - You need to be between 18-65 years*

  • Income -  You should have an active income and be able to provide income proof

  • Nationality - You need to be an Indian citizen - resident, PIO or NRI

    (*varies from insurer to insurer)

Know more about the eligibility criteria for buying a term plan.


Good question. Yes, you may need to meet some more criteria, as defined by your life insurance company. These will vary from case to case and also across insurers. 


Speak to a life insurance company of your choice today to discuss these additional requirements. 


Want to know how you can choose the best insurance company to buy a term insurance plan from? These are the facts you must keep in mind.